Welcome to James Madison University's Sport & Recreation Management program.

We are slowly, but surely, repairing our web presence.  It has been a long process, and we appreciate the understanding and tolerance of all of our students.  Thank you!
For more information about the exciting changes happening in SHSRM and SRM, check out the most recent version of the SHSRM Digest which is available by clicking HERE.

Do you have questions about the program?

If you would like basic program and course information, please click on our brochure HERE.

If you are a CURRENT UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT in Sport and Recreation Management, please direct any/all questions you may have to a faculty or staff member.  If your question deals with class-specific information such as which classes you need to take, direct those inquires to Sarah Hodges.    

If you are not yet in our undergrad program, but would like more information about selecting it as your major, CLICK HERE for additional information.