Rick Casey

President, Capitol Representation, Inc.

Contact Person:                                   Mr. Richard F. Casey, President

Phone Number:                                   (540) 856-3177

Email:                                                 RCasey@CapitolRepresentation.com

Rick Casey started out as a "walker" at the age of fourteen for The Homestead.   He later went on to work in hotels until the age of twenty-four, working in all aspects of the hotel operations.  Casey also handled food and beverage when he co-owned and operated a restaurant and in-house catering facility.  He then went on to hold sales and marketing positions in corporate sales offices of major hotel companies and representation firms, until he finally achieved his dream of starting his own business.  Casey started his own business, Capitol Representation, Inc. 18 years ago at Bayse, Virginia.  He is still President today.

Casey believes that honesty, integrity, and having a caring attitude toward everyone around you are vital for success in his position.  Casey's strong personal relationships and professional affiliations, along with his extensive background in hotel and resort industry, have helped him get to where he is today.  Casey applies these skills each day of his career.

A typical day for Casey starts off early by checking and replying to his e-mails.  He then completes any unfinished work from previous days.  Next, he makes phone calls to hotels and clients.  Casey said that no two days are ever the same and that the hours are not set. Instead, hospitality professionals work until the job is done.

The best advice that Casey could give to HTM majors is to receive ample (hotel) training and to secure numerous internships.  He also recommends that students should get as much experience in each concentration of hospitality, go to class, consider all their options, and most importantly take their time in making decisions.  Casey said even though JMU graduates do not have as much internship experience offered to them as some other colleges might, they still graduate with good, basic values.  These values help them to become well known as dependable citizens and workers.  Casey concluded by saying that with the reputation the JMU hospitality program has, recruiters are sure to find quality workers who will help benefit the company.

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