Nicholas DiMeglio

The Ritz-Carlton Club, Aspen Highlands

Contact Person:                                  Mr. Nicholas DiMeglio

Phone Number:                                   (970) 429-2277


Nicholas DiMeglio grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia and began working in the hospitality industry at the early age of twelve. Over the next several years, he continued working various jobs within the industry including bellman, dishwasher, server, and cook. Prior to his current position as the Corporate Food and Beverage Director and General Manager at the Williamsburg Inn, he served as vice president at Guest Services Inc. a hospitality company located in Fairfax, Virginia. Guest Services Inc. encompasses hotel operations across the United States. As vice president, he oversaw the marketing and operations for the company as well as the handling of new business contacts. DiMeglio traveled extensively during this time and oversaw businesses in many states, such as West Virginia, Florida, Washington, and California.

After traveling and working in management for 20 years, DiMeglio decided to return to his hometown and settle down in a job that required less traveling. He acquired his current job from a search firm that sought after him. He is currently working at the Williamsburg Inn as the Corporate Food and Beverage Director and has been General Manager for the past ten months. DiMeglio believes that to be successful in the hospitality industry one must possess leadership skills, great listening skills, and must be able to multitask. The ability to produce a plan and put it into action is also a key to success according to DiMeglio. Currently for DiMeglio, understanding quality from a five star perspective is vital to success in his position. This is important for DiMeglio in that he is currently working on changing the Williamsburg Inn's four-star rating to a five-star rating, which his father established for the Inn years ago.

For DiMeglio there is not a typical day at the Williamsburg Inn. The only thing that doesn't seem to change and may be considered typical would be the long hours, but every day is different according to what guests they have, which employees are on staff and what events are planned. DiMeglio typically works from 7:30 a.m. until about 7:00 p.m. His days are filled with various meetings with the staff each day and biweekly meetings focused solely on food and beverage.

Nicholas DiMeglio recommends to students who are majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management to gain as much experience as they can. He suggests working in different positions to gain knowledge from all aspects of the hospitality field. Becoming well rounded and educated in all the areas is important in order to become successful in the hospitality industry. According to DiMeglio each position teaches you something different that will help you in later years. DiMeglio suggests that graduates of JMU can be beneficial to the Williamsburg Inn by being guests there. He strongly recommends that students seeking a job at the Williamsburg Inn come with experience, great leadership and listening skills as well.

Nicholas DiMeglio has worked in the hospitality industry for many years. Through his experience in a variety of jobs, he gained valuable knowledge that helped him along the way. He believes that working in the hospitality industry is not just a job, but is a lifestyle and for anyone who wants to become part of this great field, hard work and experience are your best bet for success.

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