Jennifer Lucas

Loews Hotels

Contact Person:                                  Ms. Jennifer Lucas, Career Development Program


Jennifer Lucas first started working for Loews Hotels in June 1997, but began her current position within the company in March 2002. She followed a previous boss when he left to become the Director of Restaurants at the Loews L'Enfant Plaza Hotel.

Ms. Lucas cites good organizational and planning skills as critical to her current success in the industry. These skills help her stay on top of commitments, projects and appointments, especially when she has to balance a busy travel schedule.

Ms. Lucas never has a "typical" day at Loews Hotels. Thirty percent of her time is spent on the road. During travel, Ms. Lucas visits other Loews Hotels to help in facilitating workshops and spend time one-on-one with managers in the company's Career Development Program. While in the office, she spends time on whichever project is currently being handled by her department. She designs workshops and coaches managers out in the field. Her office handles everything from maintaining and updating standards for all their hotels to company-wide reward and recognition programs. Her office also creates and facilitates workshops for both managers and line employees.

In preparing to enter the hospitality field, Ms. Lucas recommends that students expose themselves to the industry early. Ms. Lucas is a firm believer of work experience by spending time in as many different areas of the industry to find out what you are most passionate about. She states that in this business, "you learn more by doing than anything else."

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