Scholarship Overview
An endowed scholarship established in July 1999 by Mr. & Mrs. Martin Davis in memory of Jonathon Davis who received his bachelors and masters degrees from the James Madison University School of Psychology. It is intended that the scholarship will benefit a James Madison University graduate student in the School of Psychology from the Commonwealth of Virginia. The recipient should be in good academic standing while preparing for a career in mental health, exhibiting a particular interest in suicide prevention or suicide studies. He/she must show a pattern of contributing service to mental health activities that benefit the community. The recipient must also demonstrate financial need as determined by the JMU Office of Financial Aid. The student may continue to receive this scholarship as long as he/she remains an active, full-time graduate psychology major at JMU and continues to meet the scholarship requirements. If, at any time, the student recipient fails to meet the requirements or when the student graduates, another graduate student will be selected based on the established criteria.

Need Based

Eligibility Requirements
Graduate Student

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