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Organizing your files or documents digitally can improve efficiency and productivity in your department. 

Contact us (see bottom of page) today to set up a consultation so we can help you organize your data.

Finding The Right Tool For the Job
We'll work with you to analyze your data and business processes to idenity the best way to manage it. In most cases we can find a solution for your department with technology that's already available on campus.

So you've collected all this data, now what can it tell you? We can develop reports and queries that will help you make meaning of your data, whether they are in the Student Administration System, a database, or a spreadsheet.

Online Collaboration
We can assist in the development of your department's SharePoint site so you can share and collaborate with others within and outside of your department.

Online Surveys and Forms
We can assist you with survey design and reporting so you can focus on what's important: making decisions based on your results. 

Presentations and Training
We provide presentations or training in any of our service areas. Examples include managing your SharePoint site, getting the most from your date, and how to design effective surveys. If you would like to schedule a presentation or training please provide us with at least three-weeks advanced notice.


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