Lynda is a hidden resource at JMU. Faculty, Staff, and Students can access tutorials on the site with their e-id. These video tutorials can provide training on several different topics that can range from ten minutes to more than an hour. Whether you need assistance in marketing, business practices, or design, Lynda teaches you in an easy, informative way.

Cascade Tutorials- Did you know the page you frequently go to when signing in is also a resource? Below the login, there are Cascade tutorials ranging from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. These tutorials cover common topics such as sizing photos, inserting a photo with a cutline for a story, or simple how-to’s for content creation.

Safari Books Online- This database connects Faculty, Staff, and Students to a digital library with a variety of topics, including technology, business, engineering, and digital media. With almost 33,000 titles to choose from, Safari Books Online is the perfect place to gain in-depth information on a subject or a free read for otherwise expensive books.

W3Schools- The largest web development site, W3Schools, has just about everything you need. In short tutorials in chapter format, you can learn quickly the basics of coding. Whether you’re specifically looking for codes, how-to's, or just for learning purposes, this site can provide you with easy steps.

The Center for Instructional Technology- CIT offers resources in multimedia, presentation tools, social software tools, teaching online and teaching with technology. These are often in a video format, but somtimes include PDF's or websites to refer to.

Atomic Learning Tutorials- Atomic Learning is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students for online technology training and professional development. Tutorials can cover applications or topics and exclusively by Mac or PC.

Please note: Several of these sites can only be accessed on the JMU campus. If you would like to set up off-campus connection, please visit here for information.

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