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Tents & Canopies

This process is aimed at increasing the safe use of tents on campus.

The Bureau of Capital Outlay Management specifies a permit for the installation of tents on State property (BCOM form CO-17A). The Building Code further clarifies that a permit is required for all tents that exceed an area of 120 square feet (10' by 12') if ten or more people will be gathered inside of the area covered by the tent's canopy. There are specific requirements for a site plan showing the location of the tent in relation to other buildings, a plan for the means of egress and a certification of flame resistance. In addition,at least one portable fire extinguisher with a minimum 4-A rating is also required.

Facilities Management will be responsible for issuing the tent permit and collecting the required information. The existing Annual Permit process will be the mechanism for issuing a tent permit. The customerwill need to submit a work request indicating the need for a tent in support of a specific event, including size, location, maximum occupancy, dates involved and responsible person. The FM Work Control Center will identify the need for a tent permit and forward the information to FM Engineering. If the tent is one that currently belongs to JMU, the condition and flame resistance will be verified, along with the installation location and a permit will be issued. If the tent is being rented for installation on State property, the tent permit and the initiating work request, are still necessary. In this case, the rental agency must provide/verify the condition and flame resistance.

This minor additional inconvenience will help to improve the safety of tents installed at/by JMU and is effective immediately. Thank you for your assistance.

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