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JMU-RMH Collaborative Update

June 28, 2007

Dear JMU Colleagues,

On behalf of the JMU-RMH Collaborative Steering Team, we would like to update you on the formation and activities of the JMU-RMH Collaborative. Officially launched in January 2007, the JMU-RMH Collaborative was established in an effort to enable members of both organizations to understand and value each other’s goals, share information and resources, and provide an environment that encourages new ideas and celebrates collaborative accomplishments.

We recognize that many of you have developed wonderful win-win collaborative relationships with individual staff persons and departments at RMH. Others of you may have ideas but do not know who to contact to take the next step. Perhaps you would like to learn about some of the ongoing collaborative initiatives so that you may become involved or help imagine possibilities in your area of interest. The JMU-RMH Collaborative Steering Team is interested in fostering collaboration; the manner in which that happens may differ according to initiative. Our objectives include 1) acknowledging the many ways that win-win collaboration is already occurring, 2) facilitating JMU/RMH connections between interested JMU faculty/staff and RMH staff, 3) responding to ideas for next steps and future collaboration between JMU and RMH, 4) communicate ideas in incubation and initiatives underway.

The enthusiasm and energy generated through the Collaborative launch have resulted in the submission of many interesting ideas to the Collaborative Web site, http://www.jmu.edu/rmh-jmu/index.html. A number of connections have been made between our two organizations to get conversations started on some of the ideas.

An example of an idea-turned-project that has made great strides is the Joint RMH/JMU Geriatric Assessment Model Pilot. This project is nearing completion of its first stage. Details of the project are included at the end of this document.

The Steering Team is planning several activities through the remainder of 2007 to facilitate networking and opportunities to develop relationships for specific projects. One of those activities is a “Collaboration After Hours” social event on September 13, 5:30-7 p.m. at the JMU Festival Conference and Student Center. We will send an email invitation with more details later. We will conclude the year with a meeting of JMU and RMH leaders to report the status of collaborative efforts.

We appreciate your support and continued involvement. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact any of the Collaborative Steering Team members listed below.

Enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer . . . and keep the ideas rolling in.

Emily Akerson

Tom Dillon

Kay Harrison

Sharon Lovell

Jim Shaeffer

Debra Thompson

Judith Trumbo

Mark Zimmerman