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2018 Engagement Fellows Program

In keeping with its mission to produce educated and enlightened citizens, JMU is proud to support the Engagement Fellows Program.

Join an exciting program for recent JMU graduates! Choose one of eight opportunities to explore engagement while serving James Madison University. Fellows participate in self and group reflections intended to promote the personal and professional development.

Positions include a stipend and housing. Each position lasts for 9 months, beginning August 2018.

Available options include:

For questions or more information, contact Mike Davis.

Learning Outcomes for JMU’s Year of Service

JMU Engagement Fellows will:

  • Demonstrate a sense of responsibility and obligation within the community and organization they serve.
  • Anticipate how policies, decisions and issues impact community relationships and proactively attempt to maintain mutually beneficial partnerships through constructive dialogue.
  • Approach complex problems through the practice of interpersonal skills that promote teamwork and acceptance of diversity of thought regarding goals and priorities. 
  • Cultivate continued interest in public policies that promote community investments, connections, and improvements.
  • Perform responsibilities with growing attention to principles of social justice, ethical decision-making, and empathy. 
  • Uphold meaningful and productive connections between the university and community, and be alert to possibilities for expansion. 
  • Explore personal strengths and improve upon weaknesses, with particular emphasis on developing career options and exploring life plan goals through experiential learning.
  • Display an understanding of organizational communication and interconnectedness and how entities work together to solve larger community-based problems. 
  • Recognize how personal and career goals can include responsiveness to community needs and be rewarding to self and others.


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