“Embarking on a legal education requires a great deal of thought as well as a sizable investment of time, money, and energy” (American Bar Association).  

The greatest test of of analytical skills for potential law students is analyzing and examining the reasons why you want to attend law school. Your successful career development depends upon your ability to seek information about yourself and about careers, to understand your expectations, and then to expose yourself to new challenges. The goal of the pre-law advising program is to inform you about the legal profession and about law school so you can make judicious, well-thought-out decisions before undertaking a career in law. 

Most students begin their pressured search for majors, and subsequently their careers, with well-known and highly publicized careers. Not surprisingly, many students identify with a career in law on their list of top five careers they’re considering.While law school continues to be a popular career choice for many undergraduates, in reality most students are unaware, unacquainted, uninformed, or misinformed about what the legal profession offers. The American Bar Association (ABA) advises students to engage in a serious inquiry about their career goals before choosing to apply to and attend law school.

The links below provide you with a starting point for this inquiry:

Engage in Some Self-Assessment

Identify Job Titles that Interest You

Read about the Law Profession

Gaining Exposure to Law Professions

Clarifying Your Interests

After assessing your interests and strengths using the career development tests, reading about the law, talking to several attorneys working in various legal fields, becoming involved in law-related campus activities, and investigating internships and other employment possibilities, ask yourself the following questions based on your newly acquired knowledge and experience:

  • What have I learned about the legal profession and about myself?
  • What do I still want and need to find out?

Now that you have fully begun your investigation, continue your research by identifying the most important skills necessary to be successful in law school and the legal profession. Explore the other links on the Pre-Law homepage which identifiy frequently asked questions and concerns about majors, minors, and courses of study, as well as the law school application process.

To further explore whether a law career matches your interests, skills and abilities and meets your lifestyle expectations: 

  • Explore the section of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) website

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