Pre-Law at JMU

Welcome to the JMU Pre-Law Program webite. This site provides current JMU students and alumni with information about ABA-accredited law schools, LSAT information, law school admission practices, law-related events and activities at JMU, and a range of resources intended to help students identify appropriate schools for application. 

Students should view a Pre-Law preparation as a four-year process of exploring and developing their talents and interests. Many pre-law students will choose to attend law school and practice law, while others will not. In the end, all students will benefit from attentive advising, demanding coursework, and quality co-curricular experiences whether or not they choose to attend law school. 

If you have additional concerns or questions regarding law school after you have read the information provided on this website, you may schedule an appointment with an advisor—see the list of JMU Pre-Law advisors in the sidebar. Be sure to familarize yourself with the information on this webpage before meeting with your advisor. 

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jessica Adolino, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters, 8-6413, Harrison Hall, Room 1108


Interested in Virginia Judicial Politics? Wonder what it's like to serve on the VA Supreme Court? Wondering how one becomes a judge? 

Here about all this and more by attending a CONVERSATION with 

The Honorable William C. Mims, Justice, Virginia Supreme Court

4:00-5:00  p.m. On Tuesday, November 10
Taylor 305
All pre-law students welcome to visit with Justice Mims!