Associate Professor of Political Science

Jennifer Byrne received her BA in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and Global Studies from the University of Georgia in 2002. She has also received a masters degree in Law, Courts, and the Judicial System from the University of Georgia, and most recently a Ph.D with a concentration in American politics from the University of Arizona in 2007.

Jennifer’s current research projects include a series of papers that examine the role that differing conceptions of national identity and assimilation play in shaping public attitudes towards immigrants in the US. Jennifer’s teaching interests lie in the areas of race and politics, immigration politics, and judicial behavior. At JMU, she teaches courses in American government and US immigration policy, and is developing a set of courses that address minority group politics in the US for the course catalog.

OFFICE: 2161 Miller Hall
PHONE: (540) 568-5828
FAX: (540) 568-8021

Department of Political Science
James Madison University
91 E Grace St., MSC 7705
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

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