2018 EU Simulation

This year, the Department of Political Science and the Center for Global Engagement will support the participation of 10 JMU students in the 26th annual Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation (http://eu-simulation.org) in Washington, DC from Nov. 7 through Nov 10, 2018.

Funding has been arranged to cover the participating students’ transportation to Washington; three nights of hotel accommodation (sharing a room with other students); a working lunch with students in JMU's Washington Semester program; and an awards dinner and reception at the simulation.

Over 100 students from colleges and universities throughout the mid-Atlantic region will participate in the simulation. The simulation will deal with two pressing issues currently on the EU’s agenda – the future of EU defense cooperation and the future of the EU's global environmental leadership.

All students coming from a particular university will represent decision-makers from a single state. But students may be assigned to a particular role within one of the EU’s four major decision-making institutions (the European Council, the Council of the EU, the European Commission, and the European Parliament). In 2018, students from JMU will represent actors from ITALY, a founding EU member whose recently appointed populist government is attempting to influence EU agendas in a range of policy sectors.

Students who are chosen to participate will enroll in a one-credit class (POSC 498, Research in Political Science) for the second block of the fall 2018 semester.  Second block courses begin on October 15, 2018.  Participating students will have to do research on the positions of their assigned actors and other actors who will be participating in the simulation.  They should plan to meet and/or correspond about their preparations 1-2 times per week in the period between October 15, 2018 and November 6, 2018 and to meet once to debrief on the experience after the event concludes.

Applications & Itinerary Details

To apply to participate in the EU Simulation event, please follow this link:


Submit the application by **FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2018 at 5pm.**

The tentative itinerary for students participating in the simulation will be as follows:

Wednesday, November 7, 2018: Departure from Harrisonburg in university van/s (late afternoon).

Thursday, November 8, 2018: Meeting with policy officers at the Embassy of Italy to the United States of America to discuss issues related to the simulation's substantive agenda (morning; to be confirmed); networking luncheon at JMU’s Washington Center (early afternoon; to be confirmed); opening ceremonies, substantive kickoff of the simulation, and working dinner.

Friday, November 9, 2018: Simulation sessions (all day), dinner and awards ceremony (evening).

Saturday, November 10, 2018: Simulation sessions (all day, concluding at 5:00 PM), return to Harrisonburg in university van/s (estimated time of arrival in Harrisonburg: 8:00 PM).

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