Dr. Anthony Eksterowicz's reflections on JMU

 There are two things that strike me about JMU upon retirement. The first is the growth of the campus. When I entered service here CISAT did not exist and the main campus was small. Today not only do we have the East Campus but also the new fine arts performing center and Memorial Hall which stretch the campus from east of I-81 to points west well beyond Main Street and the downtown railroad tracks. That is an enormous amount of growth in a twenty-five-year period. I am astounded at how well the growth has been accommodated. The growth on the original campus has not detracted from its charm and beauty. This is a testament to university planners and architects.

The second and more important aspect of JMU that I will always remember and cherish is the association I had with my students. I have always believed that our students would do great things. I literally preached this in my GPOSC 225 American Government courses. To see their development from students to legislative aides, executive directors, White House staffers, university educators and researchers, city and county planners and public servants has been the most wonderful aspect of the job. Many of my former students have come back to address my classes and this has always been one of the great thrills of my experience here. This is what I will miss the most. To all of my students I wish great luck and urge you to stay in touch.

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Dr. Anthony Eksterowicz

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