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We would like to hear from our alumni! Could you please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey and update your contact information? Thanks!

Filling out the survey will help us to gather information on the achievements and interests of our former students. It will also help us keep lines of communication open between the department and its alumni. If, rather than filling out a survey, you would prefer to send us an e-mail message update, please send it to posc@jmu.edu.

Consider joining JMU Politicos, an organization for JMU alumni living in the DC area who work in -- or simply interested in -- politics, policy, and related fields. Find us on LinkedIn or 'like' us on Facebook. The department also now hosts two sub-groups within JMU Politicos: INTA Politicos for former International Affairs majors and Richmond Politicos for alumni working the commonwealth capital area. Like JMU Politicos the INTA and Richmond organization plan to host career programs for current students and recent graduates as well as social networking opportunities for alumni living in the area.

If you are interested in getting involved in either the DC, Richmond, or INTA group, please e-mail Dr. David Jones at jones3da@jmu.edu or join through LinkedIn (see the links above).

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The Spring 2014 edition of Political Currents, the JMU Political Science Alumni magazine is out - click on the image.