Engaged in Public Service

We seek to enhance the quality of public policy and civic life at home and abroad by teaching students, conducting research, and collaborating with people inside and outside of the JMU community. Over the breadth of this website, you will see information about ongoing academic programs, career development programming, annual events, & short-term/one-shot events.  You will also see a community of faculty, staff, students, & alumni who are dedicated to JMU's emphasis on engaged learning, civic engagement, & community engagement.

For guidance in choosing a major in Political Science, in Public Policy & Administration, or in International Affairs, click on the For Prospective Majors link on the Undergraduate Programs portion of the menu. 

You can check the EVENTS feed below on this homepage for updated events schedules & for application deadlines of particular relevance for our department's students.

You can check the NEWS feed below for stories on the JMU website related to our students, alumni, faculty, & staff.


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