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Strategic Alliances

2014-2015 Strategic Alliances

JMU's Strategic Alliances Policy

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Strategic Alliances Annual Report Form

Sometimes called "cooperative strategies," strategic alliances represent the middle ground in the continuum of partnerships. They exist between the more loosely constructed tactical partnerships such as conventional outsourcing and service arrangements on the one hand and the more formal and permanent route of mergers on the other. At JMU, a strategic alliance is defined as a relationship between the university and another organization(s) (e.g., business, governmental body, foundation and/or other educational institution) that meets all of the following criteria:

  1. The alliance must be formalized in writing. In general, the format should be contractual and stipulate the objectives and responsibilities of each party.
  2. The purpose or objective of the alliance must be critical to the core mission of each party.
  3. The alliance should focus on attaining each party's long-range goals. Consequently, the term of the alliance must be strategic in breadth and represent a commitment of at least five years.
  4. The goals and methods of the alliance must be fully supported at the level of the Board of Visitors, the president and the president's senior management team.
  5. Each party must be committed to a common strategy and set of objectives. The parties must also be willing to share their core competencies to build synergy.

Examples of objectives that could be met through strategic partnerships include (but are not limited to):

  • Maximizing new revenues
  • Providing alternative learning experiences for students (i.e., internships, visiting faculty, etc.)
  • Increasing international student experiences
  • Providing enhanced student support services
  • Developing new academic programs
  • Providing enhanced professional development for faculty and staff
  • Communicating the JMU message to external audiences
  • Providing new and/or improved facilities.

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