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The University Marketing Photography Department's mission is to create, organize, archive, deliver, and curate images that advance the visual brand of James Madison University.

Photo Proposals:
If you are within the division of University Advancement and would like to inform the University Marketing Photography Department about a photo opportunity that might benefit University Marketing, please use the Photo Proposal page.

Our Staff:

Mike Miriello, University Photographer

(c) 540.414.6733

Mike Miriello is proud to serve as the University Photographer at James Madison University. Mike began freelancing for JMU in 2009 and officially joined the University Marketing team in 2012. At JMU, he spends his time photographing everything and anything that supports the advancement of JMU's visual brand within the University Marketing Department. Subjects include students, faculty, staff, presidential events, campus life, images to be featured on or in the Madison Magazine, internal marketing, etc.

Holly Donahue, Assistant Photographer

(o) 703.895.0089

Holly Donahue is a 2014 graduate from Bridgewater College.  Now working as the Assistant Photographer at James Madison University, she photographs events, portraits, and anything else that promotes the visual brand of JMU.