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Preparation for Seminary or Theological Studies

The pre-seminary adviser helps students design programs of study that will prepare them for graduate education in theological seminaries and university divinity schools. Our department offers rich opportunities for the study of the history, content and interpretation of religious texts; historical and modern theology; particular religious traditions; and cross-cultural topics in religious studies. Class assignments require students to think critically about a variety of theological and ethical issues, to read original and classical expressions of religious thought, and to become knowledgeable about specialized terms and the major spiritual and intellectual interpreters of religious traditions. 

Interested students may receive academic credit for supervised field work or internships with social agencies and religious organizations in order to explore the particular forms of religious leadership (pastoral, humanitarian, counseling, political, educational) to which they feel called. 

For more information on preparation for seminary or theological studies, contact Dr. Bob Brown by phone at (540) 568-5415 or by email (

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