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Christian Studies Minor

This minor is designed to provide students with a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the nature and history of Christianity as a religion of global significance. Students begin their studies by exploring the history, beliefs, and practices of diverse Christian traditions, from the ancient to the modern. Additional courses address the complex relationship between Christianity as a global religion and various facets of the contemporary world, such as politics, culture, religious pluralism, terrorism, and race.

Required courses: (9 hrs)

REL 202: Jesus and the Beginnings of Cty

REL 340: Introduction to Christianity

REL 348: Christianity in Global Context

Electives: (9 hrs)

Three courses from those listed, two of which must be at the 300 or 400 level.

REL 201, 218, 240, 270, 280, 325, 332, 336, 360, 363, 380, 440, 450, 460

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