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The study of religion by its nature includes different disciplinary approaches and critical methodologies. Students completing a major with a concentration in religion will gain experience in these approaches and will improve in the following skills and competencies:

  • mastery of the key concepts of global religious traditions (e.g. Hinduism; Buddhism; Judaism; Christianity; Islam), and the historical and contemporary expressions of these religions in their social, political and cultural contexts.
  • specialized knowledge in at least one religious tradition or specialized area of comparative and issues-oriented study, and a broad competence in at least two others
  • use of this knowledge to reflect upon problems of interpreting religious texts
  • skill in the comparative and multi-disciplinary analytical methods used in the academic study of religion.
  • ability to articulate research and arguments effectively orally and in writing.
  • skill in evaluating different cultural perspectives on particular questions and issues, formulating sound arguments, and examining claims for strengths and weaknesses.

All students who concentrate in religion take a 400 level capstone seminar during their senior year that will provide them extensive opportunity for research, critical and creative thought, and oral and written expression.

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