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Faculty in the Department of Philosophy and Religion have won numerous professional awards and honors through the years.  Below is a list of list of these awards and honors, and the years in which they were won.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grants

Hawk 2007

Flage 1988-9, 2005

King 1985

Fulbright Fellowship

Bolyard 2013

Japan Foundation Professional Fellowship

King 1983-4

JMU College of Arts and Letters Madison Scholar Award

Maclean 2005

King 2002

Lippke 2001

Flage 2000

JMU College of Arts and Letters Harter Distinguished Teaching Award

Hoeltzel 2016

Piper 2015

Flannery 2013

Bolyard 2011

Wiles 2009

O'Meara 2008

Hawk 2007

JMU College of Arts and Letters Distinguished Service Award

O'Meara 2012

JMU College of Arts and Letters Shaeffer Humanist Award

Veltman 2007, 2014

King 1997

Flage 1994

JMU School of Liberal Arts Alumni Legacy Award

Piper 2016

Levinovitz 2015

JMU Provost's Summer Research Award

Veltman 2017

Piper 2017

Widman Abraham 2016

Alger Family Faculty Endowment Award

O'Meara 2016

Madison Vision Teaching Award

Bolyard 2017

Piper 2016

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