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PASS Will Help You Pass!
Image: Work With Experienced Students Image: Guided Sessions Enhance Your Learning Image: Learn How To Succeed In Tough Classes Image: P.A.S.S. Is Open To Everyone! Image: Extra Time And Effort Pays Off

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a student-facilitated academic support program designed to help you improve your performance and retention in specific courses. What makes PASS unique is that the session leaders have successfully completed the course with the same professor. These students attend the same lectures you do, and they prepare additional course materials/handouts that reinforce the information you are currently learning in the course. Students that regularly attend the study sessions will obtain firsthand knowledge on how to prepare, how to study, and how to pass the course.

During the sessions, they review lecture notes, course content, practice problems, worksheets, tests and quizzes. The sessions are free, voluntary and open to the entire student population of each designated courses regardless of their knowledge or ability level. The sessions are held twice a week for 50 minutes outside of normal class time. They are usually scheduled between 4:00 - 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday in various buildings across campus.

Currently, the courses we support are:

  • BIO 114
  • BIO 214
  • BIO 270
  • BIO 290
  • CHEM 120
  • CHEM 131
  • CHEM 132
  • CHEM 241
  • COB 291
  • ECON 200
  • ECON 201
  • MATH 107
  • MATH 205
  • MATH 207

Details about which sections will be supported, as well as which students will be leading the study sessions can be found on the Supported Courses page.