This form provides students, employees, faculty, vendors, visitors, or others with an on-line method to file a formal complaint of alleged incidents of discrimination or harassment (including sexual misconduct) with JMU.  In filing this complaint, you will be referred to as the complainant.  The person or organization against whom the complaint is made will be referred to as the respondent.

This report is sent directly to JMU’s Office of Equal Opportunity unless this is a report of sexual misconduct.  Reports of sexual misconduct will be sent directly to the Title IX Office.  The appropriate office will use the information provided in this report to begin an investigation, which may include contacting you, the respondent, and/or any potential witnesses. The investigation and response may be limited if the report does not contain specific information. 

If you are a third party, i.e., not the complainant, and would like to make a report of non-sexual harassment please use the Heads-up on Harassment Form. For third party reporting of sexual misconduct, please use the Title IX Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form.

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Type of Complaint* Discrimination       Harassment
Please indicate the protected status that is the basis of the complaint. Select all that apply* Age
Race or color
Height or weight
National or ethnic origin
Political affiliation or belief
Sexual Orientation
Gender identity or expression
Veteran status
Parental status (including pregnancy)
Marital status
Family medical or genetic information
If this is a report of sexual misconduct, please indicate nature of the misconduct
Complainant Information
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Respondent Information:

Please identify the person or organization against whom this complaint is made:
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Complaint Information:

While providing details is essential to investigating your complaint, please be advised that some or all of the information you provide in this section may be shared with the person or organization you are accusing. You may supplement this description later if you wish to share additional details.

Date of Incident
Location of Incident:

Please provide a detailed description of the incident or concern using specific, concise and objective language. Identify any potential witnesses to the behavior. Be specific while identifying all persons involved in the incident and indicate their affiliation with JMU (e.g. faculty, staff, student, and visitor).

Describe the impact the behavior has had on you

Have you taken any action ot stop the behavior? Yes       No
Was JMU Police or local law enforcement notified of the incident? Yes       No

If you have taken action to stop the behavior, what actions have you taken and what was the outcome?

Please add any additional information that supports your complaint.

What remedy are you seeking?

Supporting Documentation

You may provide any additional documentation that supports your complaint (such as photos, video, email, and other supporting documents) once you have been contacted by the appropriate office.


I certify the information contained in this complaint form is truthful. I understand that I am filing an official complaint with the Office of Equal Opportunity or Title IX Office. The appropriate office will initiate an investigation of the complaint. I am aware that some or all of the information I provided may be shared with the person or organization I am filing a complaint against.

Full Legal Name*

A copy of this report will be sent to the email address you provided.

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