Cross-Cultural Collaboration

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WRTC and Study Group students participate in cross-cultural collaboration

Students in WRTC 318: Intercultural Professional Communication collaborated with JMU's International Study Group students in American College Life II to complete an assignment designed to facilitate cross-cultural communication. In groups of four or five, the students gathered for a social outing. Sharing a meal was the most popular choice. During their time together students set aside some time to conduct and record an interview. They were then required to submit a written report on their experience, including excerpts from the interview.

Students in Intercultural Professional Communication focus on essential differences among cultures and how those differences affect communication. International students who are part of the Study Group Program here at JMU take courses in language and culture designed to prepare them for entry into the main student population. The program gives them the support they need to be successful in their pursuit of a degree from JMU. Because JMU is committed to increased diversity, and because it recognizes that cross-cultural communicaiton is an essential skill in the 21st century, this pilot collaboration will, with luck, be expanded to include more students in the future. 

Published: Friday, April 1, 2016

Last Updated: Friday, April 6, 2018

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