• CFE-Patrick-Fist Gaining traction

    Students were challenged to transform their ideas into pitch-ready business models.

  • MM-Honors retreat-discussion Welcome to the Honors College

    What does it mean to be Madisonian in the 21st century? Freshman Honors students grappled with that question during a trip to Montpelier.

  • Nursing Grant thumb School of Nursing gets $2.7 million

    The James Madison University School of Nursing will receive $2.7 million in federal grant money over the next four years

  • mm-goodall-farm Protecting our waterways

    JMU students work at a Madison County, Virginia, farm to protect the water quality of a river tributary.

  • MM-Music makers Music makers

    Engineering and music education students make sure everyone gets to play an instrument.

  • Arushi Sachan Who in the world comes to JMU?

    JMU welcomes the world's students with challenging academics and a friendly environment.

  • Honors College Hillcrest exterior Honors: Worth the challenge

    Students in the Honors College at JMU embrace high expectations as they pursue their dreams.

  • hacking for diplomacy - McCarthy Hacking for Diplomacy

    In 2017, JMU offered the only H4Di course in the country at JMU X-Labs and was the first in the nation to offer it exclusively to undergraduate students.

  • Proulx sweeping for clues Sweeping for clues

    The project offers a rare opportunity for a geophysicist to be involved in restoring the humanity of a forgotten community.

  • Jewel Hurt SGA president making her mark on Madison

    Jewel Hurt embodies civic enagement and public service.

  • Madison Investment Fund - Teaching High School Students - 2018 Student MIF Members 'Pay it Forward'

    Madison Investment Fund group brings in almost 50 high-school students to teach them how to invest in their future.

  • Photo of Michael Johnson Pulling up on his own bootstraps

    Senior Michael Johnson has worked his way through college with the goal of becoming an Army nurse.

  • Paul Bogard Professor's second book gets down to earth

    Paul Bogard's The Ground Beneath Us: From the Oldest Cities to the Last Wilderness, What Dirt Tells Us About Who We Are, gets readers to think about a natural resource that is largely taken for granted.

  • Engagement Fellows A meaningful engagement

    JMU's opening trio of Engagement Fellows has completed a rewarding year of public service.

  • mm-jennifer-marshall-portrait.jpg Finding her brave

    Jennifer Marshall ('01) transformed her battle with mental illness into triumph and galvanized a movement

  • Shahn-students 'Drawing on the Left'

    Duke Hall Gallery exhibition featuring Ben Shahn could qualify as destiny at work.

  • Paullin-guitar When divergent passions meet

    Alex Paullin's ('14) nonprofit organization uses music to spread the word about environmental conservation in the developing world.

  • football celebration A culture of winning

    Madison's unmatched success in athletics in recent years is not happenstance.

  • wheelchair basketball Sports as empowerment

    The ripple effects of exposure to adapted sport and disability sport can be transformational.

  • presgraves-swimmer-mmss17.jpg 'All in'

    Amanda Presgraves ('16) took the drive to succeed from the swimming pool to entrepreneurship.

  • 2017-hyink-cooperman-lehman Competitive in life

    A new leadership development program helps student-athletes transition from the playing field to professional careers.

  • Adam Ballou US Soccer Can't-miss ability

    Adam Ballou ('15) hasn't let his disability keep him from reaching the pinnacle of his sport.

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