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Viewbook stories: Where dreams ignite

You have a lot of freedom to choose your path here. It’s one of the hallmarks that sets JMU apart from other schools. 

The common themes in these stories? JMU students work hard, take intellectual risks and get lots of support from professors. 
JMU students dive in head first, surprise themselves and almost always set new boundaries for where they want to go and who they want to be.

If you are a curious learner, JMU is exactly where your dreams will ignite.

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  • 233884-Jesmine-Roberts-Torres-Viewbook-Portraits-1023thumb.jpg Explorer

    Biology major Jesmine Roberts-Torres credits her professor for teaching her how to process information and apply it to solving problems.

  • James Watkins Thinker

    James Watkins and his team is working on a cold plasma project with NASA for his two-year capstone project.

  • 233287-Evan-Duffy-Portraits-1007-thumb.jpg Artist

    Hollywood film composer Evan Duffy says JMU prepared him for success

  • 233684-Amanda-Presgraves-Swimming-Portraits-1003-thumb.jpg Connector

    JMU Kinesiology major Amanda Presgraves masterminded the entrepreneurial creation of a food truck that comes to JMU with local food and is operated by JMU students

  • 233273-Mia-Brabhan-Portraits-and-Internship-Photos-1049.jpg Storyteller

    YouTube publishing pro Mia Brabham has added to her resume with an internship through the JMU in LA Program

  • 233839-Missy-Cummings-Viewbook-Portraits-1028-thumb.jpg Healer

    Alumna Melissa Cummings found the liberal arts education she received at JMU prepared her for the rigors of med school.

  • 233947-Katy-Owens-Viewbook-Portraits-1016-thumb.jpg Researcher

    Dingledine Scholar Katy Owens isn't waiting until graduation to start helping at-risk youth in her hometown of Richmond.

  • 233695-Andrew-Carnes-Viewbook-Photos-1002-thumb.jpg Investigator

    Andrew Carnes says his Scandinavia study abroad experience that included hands-on research "exceeded my expectations."

  • 233861-Mary-Hawkins-Viewbook-Portraits-1016-thumb.jpg Educator

    Mary Margaret Hawkins has solidified her calling to teach with a study abroad experience in the Dominican Republic

  • 233757-John-Dixon-Viewbook-Portraits-1025-thumb.jpg Musician

    Music major John Dixon says his JMU music professors prepare you for the future.

  • 233703-Gina-Bavagnoli-Viewbook-Portraits-1012-thumb.jpg La Direttore

    International management major Gina Bavagnoli studied abroad in Italy and has a job in New York City

  • 233651-Claire-Elverum-Viewbook-Photos-1015-thumb.jpg Academic

    From Honors courses to a scholarship that funded her project in Tanzania, international affairs major Claire Elverum means it when she says, "It's impossible not to find your spot here."

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