• Alternative Break Program 2011 Take an Alternative Break
    September 12, 2013: Community Service Learning offers an array of service trips year-round to engage your skills and desire to give back.
  • Greek Week 2010 What's it like to join a fraternity or sorority?
    July 8, 2013: Each year, hundreds of JMU students participate in fraternity and sorority recruitment.
  • default image Enjoying Summer in Harrisonburg
    May 23, 2013: Top ten things to do around Harrisonburg in the summer.
  • KristinaRubio_172.jpg MAD4U Fosters Growth Through Service
    March 1, 2013: MAD4U and its housing in the Office of Student Activities and Involvement is a sort of home for students.
  • default image Nap Nook
    March 1, 2013: JMU senior psychology major creates Nap Nook in Festival to increase sleep education and provide a comfortable place for a 40-minute power nap
  • James and Gladys Kemp Lisanby Museum The James and Gladys Kemp Lisanby Museum: A Hidden Treasure
    March 28, 2013: In honor of Madison week and inauguration of President Jonathan Alger, the Lisanby Museum showcases an exhibit on James Madison.
  • Clothesline Project Break the Silence
    March 27, 2013: By working together, we hope to communicate and highlight sexual assault as a major public health, human rights, and social justice issue and to reinforce the need for prevention efforts.
  • All Together One Plaque All Together One: The Spirit of JMU
    March 17, 2013: Do you know someone who has made great contributions to the JMU campus? Then nominate them for an All Together One award!
  • default image Eating Disorders Awareness Month
    February 18, 2013: Several organizations at JMU have sought to develop programs to counter the negative stigma some may associate with eating disorders.
  • Aimee Mahler poses for the Absolute Value campaign "Our first love and last love is self-love"…
    February 15, 2013: In 2012, with help from the Leslie George Memorial Fund for Eating Disorder Awareness, the University Health Center's Student Wellness and Outreach partnered with JMU students to create a body image acceptance campaign called Absolute Value.
  • default image Love your body through thick AND thin
    February 7, 2013: What is healthy body image? In what ways do body image problems go beyond eating disorders? How are body image issues tied to culture and other factors?
  • FitJMU 2012 Event Sticking With It: New Year's Resolutions
    January 29, 2013: With a new year comes a new beginning, an opportunity to start off fresh. Then why, after a few weeks, does the inspiration to change wear off?
  • JMU Students Enjoying Comedy at TDU The Laughter is Spreading
    January 9, 2013: JMU is a great venue for student-generated comedy. Two clubs on campus are tackling different forms of comedy.
  • RA Sara Saenz Being a RA Enriches her JMU Experience
    January 3, 2013: For Junior Sara Saenz, working for the Office of Residence Life enhances her JMU experience.

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