• default image Fulbright Nexus Program - Application Deadline
    March 20, 2014: The deadline is April 1, 2014
  • default image JMU Students Re-establish Undergraduate Research Journal
    March 20, 2014: JMU Students Re-establish Undergraduate Research Journal
  • default image Celebration of ICE at JMU
    April 15, 2014: Mary Lou Bourne, Director of JMU Technology Innovation and Executive Director of James Madison Innovations (JMI) welcomed over 60 guests and honorees to ICE: part of the second floor in the Ice House embodying the cooperative alliance between the College
  • default image 2014 Provost Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship
    May 8, 2014: Professor of Biology Dr. Conley K. McMullen is the 2014 Provost Award recipient. Dr. McMullen was recognized for his scholarship and research mentoring in plant field biology, membership in numerous botanical foundations, societies, and advisory councils
  • default image Technology-based Innovation and Entrepreneurship Town Hall
    September 18, 2014: On September 10th, JMU hosted a site location for a Virtual Town Hall meeting -Technology-based Innovation and Entrepreneurship - featuring Governor Terry McAuliffe, Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson, and Secretary of Commerce and Trade Maurice Jones.
  • default image The lobbying economy is twice as big as we think
    October 3, 2014: According to the official statistics, over $3.3 billion was spent lobbying the US federal government in 2012. But as massive as that number is, it falls far short of the reality "
  • default image Intellectual Property Disclosure Incentive Program
    October 27, 2014: James Madison University is pleased to recognize the inventors eligible for the Intellectual Property Disclosure Incentive Program during the period ended June 30, 2014 and selected as winners of the $2,000 Incentive award from James Madison Innovations.
  • default image Meet Triple Duke Eric Korn
    December 1, 2014: Eric Korn already has two degrees from JMU: his undergraduate degree in economics and his MBA; he will soon also earn his Ph.D. from JMU.

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