What does the Book of Revelation have to do with Terrorism?


Frances Flannery

Dr. Frances Flannery, Associate Professor of Religion at James Madison University, recently gave an interview to NPR's morning show, With Good Reason ( Sept. 28th, 2013). Dr. Flannery studies radical apocalyptic thinking and its relation to terrorism. She looks at how terrorists from Al Qaida to domestic terrorists like Timothy McVeigh are influenced by the apocalyptic thinking that has been a hallmark of Western civilization since the early centuries of Judaism and Christianity. She argues that we need to think about long-term solutions to the problem of terrorism, which involves “cultural counter-terrorism,” transforming the very apocalyptic mindset that divides the world into Good vs. Evil. She also discusses the new Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Terrorism and Peace at JMU. To listen on the web to the archived show go to: http://withgoodreasonradio.org/2013/09/friend-is-a-verb/ .

Published: Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Updated: Thursday, October 19, 2017

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