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JMU Sends 10 Students CAA Research Conference

JMU students who presented research at the conference pose outside a building at Old Dominion University.
JMU students who presented research at the conference pose outside a building at Old Dominion University. Click on photo to see larger image.

Colonial Academic Alliance

JMU was represented by 10 students at the 10th annual Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Conference April 13-15 at Old Dominion University in Norfolk.

Representing JMU this year were Waleed Ahmad, chemistry; Daisy Andonyadis, psychology; Jacqueline Belhumeur, health sciences; James Corcoran, physics; Ethan Cummings, physics; Brittany Dunay, psychology; Thomas Hoke, Physics; Haley Mertins, psychology, Aubrey Smiley, psychology; and Alex Stinson, history.

The JMU students were among nearly 100 undergraduate researchers who took part in the conference, which provides them an opportunity to share their research with their peers in a professional atmosphere.

The Colonial Academic Alliance consists of the 12 universities that compete athletically in the Colonial Athletic Association: Drexel University, George Mason University, Georgia State University, The College of William and Mary, Hofstra University, Northeastern University, Old Dominion University, Towson University, University of Delaware, University of North Carolina Wilmington, Virginia Commonwealth University and James Madison University.

The student presenters, the titles of their research and their advisors were:

  • Waleed Ahmad, Microwave Accelerated Digestion of Didymosphenia geminata (Dr. Dan Downey)
  • Daisy Andonyadis, Study of College Students' Narcissistic Personality Traits and Their Parent's involvement (Dr. Natalie Lawrence)
  • Jacqueline Belhumeur, The Effects of Social Comparison on Perceived Susceptibility and Severity to Stroke Among College Students (Dr. Monica Reis-Bergan)
  • James Corcoran, An Investigation of Maser Dependence on Host Galaxy Morphology, (Dr. Anca Constantin)
  • Ethan Cummings, Real-Time Micro-Phase Separation Kinetic Analysis of Poss-Ma Thin Films Using Atomic Force Microscopy (Dr. Chris Hughes)
  • Brittany Dunay, Visual Pop-out Effect in Adults (Dr. Krisztina Jakobsen)
  • Thomas Hoke, Fabrication and Characterization of high aspect ratio PMMA Membranes with embedded silica beads for filtering and sensing applications (Dr. Chris Hughes)
  • Haley Mertins, Assessing the Development of Student Skills Necessary for Graduate School and Jobs (Dr. Kenneth Barron)
  • Aubrey Smiley, Development of a Nonverbal Self-report Emotion Measurement Tool (Dr. Michael Hall)
  • Alex Stinson, Dissonance in the Telling: Historical discussion in Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin Series (Dr. Alison Sandman)