SPIA Fall Symposium on Sexual Violence


 School of Public and International Affairs presents

Fall 2015 Symposium

Sexual Violence: Community, National, and Global Dimensions

The speakers, films, and panels in this symposium will explore the problem of sexual violence at the community, national, and global, level, highlight the impact of social inequality and culture on perceptions of sexual violence and victimization narratives, introduce and evaluate prevention and intervention strategies for sexual violence and contribute to building a capacity for effective response.

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The symposium will be comprised of round tables, workshops, and panels as well as guest lecturers and films on the topic of sexual violence. The scope of discussion will range from sexual assault on college campuses and the fight to gain recongition from institutions to the global problem of human trafficking. Come out to attend any of the variety of events held throughout the semester on the urgent problem of sexual violence in our world today. As members of the academic and human communities, we have a responsibility to understand and combat this widespread phenomenon.

For a complete list of events and programs, go here.

Sponsored by the School of Public and International Affairs

Published: Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Updated: Monday, November 13, 2017

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