The Graduate School is now in Madison Hall


SUMMARY: Madison Hall is now home to The Graduate School.

By Alyse Lehrke

On April 5, 2017, The Graduate School (TGS) moved to the newly renovated Madison Hall to better serve JMU’s graduate students. Previously, TGS staff were spread between two buildings, making collaboration a challenge. Bringing TGS resources under one roof allows students to get help with a range of services from admissions to transfer credits, assistantship contracts to commencement, all in the same place.

In addition to bringing all TGS staff offices into one building, the new space, located on the fourth floor of Madison Hall, has new space that is regularly being used by graduate students. The Cohen Graduate Student Professional Development Center offers over 1,000 square feet for study sessions, as well as Cohen Center and Graduate Student Association Events. It features computers, pay-for-print stations, large-screen video displays.  A refrigerator, coffee maker, large windows for plenty of natural light and an upbeat design created with input from officers of the Graduate Student Association ensures that this space will meet the needs of our graduate student body. 

Located in close proximity to other key offices on campus, the move to the new building makes it easier for graduate students to get their questions answered and take care of other business in a central area of campus.  Madison Hall is connected to the Mason Street parking deck and the Student Success Center, which houses the Business Office, Financial Aid, Health Center, and other services for graduate students. The building is also adjacent to the Hotel Madison & Conference Center, that is scheduled to open in May, 2018. The location was strategically chosen to facilitate graduate student support by making many services more accessible.

The new office space, along with the student lounge, is part of a strategic plan to elevate the visibility of graduate programs and provide more resources for graduate students. Our new offices, professional development center, and other activities of TGS are designed to elevate the services provided to graduate students at JMU.  We seek to provide facilities and services that are designed to meet the unique personal and professional needs of the graduate student body.

During your time as a JMU graduate student, how would you have used the Graduate Student Professional Development Center?  Share your ideas on The Graduate School Facebook page or send your thoughts to .

Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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