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February 2014

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Do you Bleed Purple?

Contributor: Prince Owusu

Prince Owusu- JMU Spirit

One of my favorite aspects of JMU is going to the athletic sporting events, especially American football games. The football games are during the fall semester and JMU usually hosts multiple home games. One of the best experiences I enjoy the most is every time JMU score a touchdown fans throw purple and gold streamers in the air and it’s just an amazing atmosphere to see. Additional, before football games Americans have a tradition called “tailgate” where people basically socialize with friends and families, play games such as corn hole, and eat food before going to the game.

Furthermore, JMU provide its students with sports clubs such as club soccer, club tennis, club basketball, and club volleyball. Overall, there are over 30 sports clubs on campus that students can participate in. I am on the JMU Men’s Club Soccer team, which has about 40 student athletes on the roster. My team travels to other schools such as Virginia Tech, Radford, Richmond, and University of Virginia for competitions during the season. Being involved with sports on campus and going to sporting games are simply wonderful. The experiences you gain are endless. Most importantly, you meet a lot of people and make new friends. Another thing I love about being a part of club soccer is that we try to give back to the Harrisonburg community by doing community services like trash picking in the community and most importantly trash picking on the highway that we have adopted to keep clean.

JMU also provides non-competitive sports for students who just want to play and have fun with their friends. Throughout the fall and spring semesters University Recreation Center offers team sports, individual/dual sports, educational programs and special events that students can participate in. All opportunities are offered in different skill levels. Students form teams and register for an intramural sports such as soccer, basketball, floor hockey, kick-ball and volleyball, through the university recreation. Intramural sports are really enjoyable especially when you just want to have a good time playing a sport with your friends. This semester my friends invited me to play with them on their soccer and beach volleyball intramural teams.

Overall, being a part of the JMU Men’s club soccer team, going to sporting games, and playing intramural games has been enriching experiences for me so far at JMU. My recommendation is for all to try to attend JMU sporting events because they are really fun to go to, especially American football. And also if you enjoy playing sports, simply try to create or join intramural sports teams.

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