Computer Information Systems

Capstone Course Offers Real-World Experience

by Karen Doss Bowman

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SUMMARY: CIS and SMAD students partnered through their senior capstone courses to develop volunteer management systems for the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

The capstone course for computer information systems (CIS) majors turned into a competition to develop the best technology solution for a real-world business problem.

Throughout the semester, the students worked in teams to develop computer-based volunteer management systems for the Wildlife Center of Virginia. On April 29, the top two teams from the course, CIS484: Information Systems Development and Implementation—taught by CIS instructor Carey Cole—presented their projects for a panel of judges. Team Drop Data-Base, pictured above, emerged as the winner, with Team Cloud 9 Consulting as the runner up.

The capstone course is a collaboration between the Department of Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics and the School of Media Arts and Design (SMAD), which offers the course as SMAD408: Converged Media Lab. The SMAD students, who worked on teams with the CIS majors, gained advanced understanding of converged media production. Each team was paired with a mentor from KPMG.

Published: Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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