Chris Zeigler and Harry Reif Prepare Students for ITERA Competition


A group of Computer Information Systems (CIS) students competing to represent JMU at a national ITERA case study competition took advantage of a Q&A session held by JMU Network Engineer, Chris Zeigler.

Earlier last week, Zeigler fielded questions from students who are working to develop a network system that will detect and deter crime in public parks. The competition, which is being held by CIS professor Harry Reif, will determine who will represent JMU in ITERA’s national case study competition in April.

According to Reif, students will have to combine their “business [and] financial information systems, and telecommunications skills” to create a system that will connect cameras, cell phones and computers with a 911 call center. Reif hopes to choose a team that will represent JMU well in ITERA’s case study competition.

Reif and Zeigler’s involvement is a testament to how both the college of business and JMU foster intellectual growth in students through friendly competition. 

Published: Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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