Dr. Barkley Rosser Attends NED 2015

Barkley Rosser and Dr. Akio Matsumoto at 2015 NED conference

In 1994, two gentlemen from opposite ends of the world joined together a small group of economists to create an early version of the Nonlinear Economic Dynamics Society (NEDS). JMU College of Business (CoB) economics professor, Dr. Barkley Rosser and fellow economist Dr. Akio Matsumoto from Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan have helped organize international NED conferences roughly every other year since 2001 and have created an official society with a scientific and executive committee along the way.

NEDS mission is to “[bring] together young and senior researchers who are interested in pursuing research in ‘dynamics’ in a broader sense and [enjoy] discussions concerning studies ranging from the pure theory of nonlinear dynamics to its applications and practices.” At NED 2015, held at Chuo University in late June, Matsumoto welcomed the NEDS Scientific Committee and economists from around the world to present papers about nonlinear economic dynamics.

Rosser spoke during the fourth plenary session on June 27, the last day of the conference. His presentation entitled, “Complexity and Behavioral Economics” focused on the relationship between complexity and behavioral economics. He also chaired the NEDS Executive Committee meeting where Iryna Sushko, from Ukraine, was named president of NEDS.

“These [conferences] are always very nice. They’re good publicity…and it’s a great time to meet people,” said Rosser, also noting that the only time the society can get together is at the conferences.

Although the location of the next conference in 2017 has not been decided yet, Rosser and other committee members would like to hold the conference at JMU. Having the NED conference at JMU would give students and faculty members a chance to present at NED 2017 and the opportunity to meet high profile economists from around the world. 

Published: Monday, August 3, 2015

Last Updated: Thursday, October 20, 2016

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