2014-2015 Dean's Impact Awards Recipients Named


Dean Mary Gowan recently announced the recipients of the 2014-2015 Dean's Impact Awards. These awards are given:

  • To recognize faculty members in the College of Business who have made impactful, innovative, and/or engaging contributions at a high and sustained level that fulfill the College’s mission of being a learning community committed to excellence in:
    • preparing students to be engaged, principled business professionals and leaders,
    • advancing scholarship in business disciplines, and
    • enhancing organizational performance through outreach activities.
  • To stimulate further faculty impact, innovation and/or engagement that enables the CoB to continue to achieve its mission and build its reputation as a leader in business education.

Tenured Faculty Awards

  1. Theresa Clarke - Marketing
  2. Paula Daly – Management
  3. David Fordham – Accounting
  4. David Hayes – Accounting
  5. Laura Leduc – Management
  6. Wilson Liu – Finance and Business Law
  7. Ina Markham – CIS/BSAN
  8. Susan Palocsay – CIS/BSAN
  9. Robert Richardson – Accounting
  10. Michael Riordan – Accounting
  11. Matthew Rutherford – Management
  12. Elias Semaan – Finance and Business Law
  13. Mert Tokman – Marketing
  14. William Wood - Economics

Tenure-Track  Awards

  1. Vipul Bhatt – Economics
  2. Sandra Cereola – Accounting
  3. Fariss-Terry Mousa – Management
  4. William Wales – Management

RTA Awards

  1. Laura Atkins – CIS/BSAN
  2. Carey Cole – CIS/BSAN
  3. Susan Ferguson – Accounting
  4. Phil Heap – Economics
  5. Fernando Pargas – Management
  6. Chris Roeder – Management
  7. Rebecca Simmons – CIS/BSAN
  8. Dan Zisk – Management

Congratulations to all!

Published: Friday, January 16, 2015

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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