Congratulations to the CoB Outstanding Graduating Students


Marketing Student GroupCongratulations to CoB’s Outstanding Graduating Students


Outstanding Undergraduate in Accounting - Jordan Molnar

Federation of Schools of Accounting  Outstanding Masters Student – Darian Harnish

Outstanding Graduates, Masters of Science in Accounting - Ryan Bram, Jonathan Leaman, Christina Li-Cheng Liu

Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics  

Outstanding Senior Award, Computer Information Systems - Nam Nguyen

Consulting Excellence Award - Kareem Shoeb, Emily Masterson, David Aber


Outstanding Senior in Economics - Erin Bohannon

Faculty Award for Academic Excellence in Economics  - Brendan English

Finance & Quantitative Finance

Outstanding Senior in Finance - Michelle Petillo

Outstanding Senior in Quantitative Finance - Lauren Cavalieri

Hospitality Management

Outstanding Senior in Hospitality Management - Megan McConnell

Outstanding Senior in Sports & Recreation Management - Matt Butta

International Business  

Outstanding International Business Graduate - Carly Calhoon


Outstanding Student in Management - Joshua Winks

Management Faculty Award for Excellence - Sean Williams

Zane Showker Entrepreneurship Award - Benjamin Stout


Outstanding Student in Marketing - Rachel Lam

Marketing Faculty Award for Excellence - Taylor Wertheimer

Dynamic Web Solutions Outstanding Search Engine Marketing Student – Melissa Jackson

Outstanding Woman in Sales - Joanna Tucker

Outstanding Man in Sales - Alexander Kuhn

JC Penney Spirit Award - Kacy Williams

College of Business

Alpha Kappa Psi Award - Jean Jacobs

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key - Jordan Molnar

Master of Business Administration

Outstanding MBA Student  - Carla Reese

CoB Honors Thesis Recognition

Marketing Department

Advisor: Dr. Eric Boyd  - Kelly Pollhammer

Advisor: Dr. Eric Boyd - Laura Jennings

Finance & Business Analytics

Advisor: Dr. Jaideep Chowdhury - Bui Long

Advisor: Dr. Jason Fink  - Eric Kitchens

Advisor: Dr. Pamela Drake - Stephanie Skaggs

Joyce Guthrie Honored

At the end of the ceremony, CoB Dean Mary Gowan honored Associate Dean Joyce Guthrie for her years of service to the college. She will be returning to a full-time faculty role.

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Published: Friday, May 9, 2014

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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