Strategy + Business Magazine Promotes Dr. Mousa's Research


Fariss MousaRecently, Matt Palmquist from Strategy + Business Magazine wrote a commentary on research conducted by CoB Management professor Dr. Fariss Mousa.

Dr. Mousa’s research, titled “The Impact of Slack Resources on High-Tech IPOs,” was published in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice in September of 2013. In the article, Mousa and his co-author Dr. Richard Reed, examine the impact of slack resources on the initial public offering (IPO) valuations of high-tech firms. The authors found that certain types of slack resources affect IPO values by sending a signal of company quality to investors.

This research offers interesting insight for practitioners, managers, and investors within the industry—insight that can be shared with a much broader audience now that Strategy + Business Magazine has helped to publicize Mousa’s research. 

To read the full commentary from Strategy + Business Magazine, click here

Dr. Mousa's full article can be found at:

Mousa, Fariss-Terry, and Richard Reed. "The Impact of Slack Resources on High-Tech IPOs." Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice 37.5 (2013): 1123-1147.

Published: Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last Updated: Thursday, January 12, 2017

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