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Cipher partners with JMU to give students access to new software


Cipher, a competitive intelligence and strategic consulting firm, has partnered with James Madison University. As part of this arrangement, students studying business strategy and competitive logo:Cipherintelligence will have access to Cipher’s Knowledge 360 software to assist them with research projects.  

“We have worked with other software providers on social media analysis and technology scouting,” Qingjiu “Tom” Tao, an assistant professor in the Integrated Science and Technology Department at JMU, said. “Knowledge 360 gives us another new dimension of support. It works as a competitive intelligence platform for intelligence professionals.”

Knowledge 360 is the only software as a service solution on the intelligence market and provides its services at a much quicker pace. It automates all phases of the intelligence process such as data collection, aggregation, indexing, searching, and analysis. Consequently, analysts have more time to develop strategic insights and actionable market analysis.

“The software really gives students and faculty a new tool to search, filter, compile, analyze information from many different sources, online and offline, and eventually form intelligence products such as new letters, report, warnings, etc.,” Tao said.

Cipher has partnered with several universities and membership associations in the past to further innovation in competitive intelligence. Coupled with access to an award-winning intelligence software, Cipher will supplement their partnership with JMU periodic guest lectures.

“This partnership with JMU is a really exciting step for us, Peter Grimm, CEO of Cipher, said. “We are looking forward to working with these students to shape the future of the competitive intelligence industry and put the tools they will need in the future in their hands today.”

Students will benefit from having access to a software system that is commonly used in real-world employment situations.  

“Knowledge 360 is a widely-recognized platform and many of our students are likely to encounter it when they join the workforce, so we are thrilled that they have an opportunity to gain a competitive edge amongst their peers,” Tao said. 

Published: Monday, November 6, 2017

Last Updated: Monday, January 29, 2018

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