2018 Psychology Student Symposium


Symposium Program

Poster Award Winners

Practicum/Field Placement 

Benefits of participatory music in psychiatric hospital settings
Caleigh Strother
Advisor: David Szwedo

Instilling empathy in patients through multicultural education
Kathia Bonilla Amaya
Advisor: David Szwedo 


Can the negative effects of ACEs be ameliorated?
Hannah Dowdy
Advisor: Dr. David Szwedo

The effects of perceived dissimilarity of events on change deafness
Caroline Cole
Advisor: Dr. Michael Hall

Influences on juror sentencing decisions
Amanda Powell and Megan Parker
Advisors: Dr. Kethera Fogler and Dr. JoAnne Brewster

PHOTO: PSYC symposium

Psychology Symposium Keynotes

The Opportunities Available to Psychology Workforce Graduates: It's Complicated
Dr. R. Eric Landrum, Boise State University

Designing and Scaling Up Social Psychological Interventions in Schools: How Researchers and Practitioners Can Both Get Better When They Work Together
Dr. Kenn Barron, James Madison University

PHOTO:PSYC Symposium

Psychology Student Symposium Oral Presentations

Processing of Own-Species Faces
Rebecca Bilokon, Margaret Wallace, Cameron Wilhelm, Jordan Gamache, and Cassidy White
Advisor: Dr. Krisztina Jakobsen

The Effects of Alcohol Priming and Alcohol Related Cues on Subsequent Alcohol Preferences
Ashley Addonisio, Greg Mather, Taylor Stanley, Ashley Rininger, Eryn Donovan, Briana Craig, and Katy Owens
Advisor: Dr. Jessica Irons

Suicidal Ideation Amongst College Freshmen: It's More Common Than You Think.
Ciara White, Kaitlin Traynor, Kezziah Wilgus, and Madeline Grove
Advisors: Dr. Lindsey Harvell-Bowman, Dr. Ken Critchfield, and Fabrice Ndzana

Benefits of Participatory Music in a Psychiatric Setting
Caleigh Strother
Advisor: Dr. David Szwedo

Published: Friday, April 27, 2018

Last Updated: Monday, April 30, 2018

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