New CSD study abroad in York, England


By: Maegan Regula
Creative Services Student Writer

PHOTO: York, England

JMU has countless study abroad opportunities for students, with almost anyone being able to find something to fit their major or interest. York, England, home to numerous medieval sites and a rich culture is the location of JMU’s newest study abroad program geared toward CSD students. For the first time, professor Rory DePaolis will be taking 14 junior CSD majors to the University of York to attend a four-credit linguistics course this summer.

In the CSD program at JMU, aspects of linguistics are taught in many classes, but this study abroad opportunity provides the students with a course focusing entirely on linguistics. DePaolis is very familiar with the University of York through his work in their infant and toddler language lab for over twelve years. This has allowed him to become familiar with both the university and their faculty. DePaolis is also putting together a team of professors to give research talks on different topics to the students. As well as being home to a respected university, York was also chosen because of the linguistic diversity inside the city.

PHOTO: York, England

As well as touring historic sites and immersing themselves in a new culture, these future speech-language pathologists will also get the opportunity to grow professionally. Jennifer Markfeld, one of the students attending, will be working on her undergraduate honor’s thesis during the trip. Her focus is on exploring the impact of socioeconomic status on infant language development in Harrisonburg. She will have the opportunity to compare her results to a similar study done by Sheffield University professor, Dr. Michelle McGillion, who works closely with the University of York. Markfeld commented “I never thought I’d have this opportunity as an undergraduate, and I think it’s going to be really special.”

DePaolis is very enthusiastic about this new program, and hopes it will become an annual offering for many future students. He looks forward to the students getting the opportunity to strengthen the core of what they will be doing for the rest of their lives and believes that the many engagement experiences will “change their view of the whole world.”

Published: Thursday, April 5, 2018

Last Updated: Thursday, April 5, 2018

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