Kinesiology students and faculty attend SHAPE conference


By: Kinesiology Department

SHAPE Conference


The 2018 SHAPE (Society for Health and Physical Education) National Conference & Expo was held March 20-14 in Nashville, TN.   Two faculty, 6 grad students, 3 undergraduate students from JMU attended the conference.

Below is a summary of the activities of JMU faculty and students during the conference:

Developing sports programs for children with disabilities in rural America

  • Matthew Lucas
  • Tom Moran
  • Colter Bennett
  • John Altemose
  • Makenzie Pigg
  • Briana Bissell

Ability first?  Showcasing the abilities of all students

  • Tom Moran
  • Matthew Lucas
  • Brad Weiner

Inclusion PE?  Challenges and strategies for improved participation

  • Teresa Martilik
  • Tom Moran

Impact of Paralympic skill lab on college student cognitive attitudes toward inclusive lifetime sport and fitness

  • Cathy McKay
  • Jung Yeon Park

Relationship between exercise exertion, enjoyment and actual exertion in individuals with autism

  • Nicole Fiscella (graduate student)

Structure, validity and reliability of the CAIPE-R: Collegiate version

  • Cathy McKay
  • Jung Yeon Park

JMU Major of the year

Clay Harris was recognized as the JMU Major of the year.  JMU faculty select this individual.  Criteria for the award include; a) current SHAPE America member, b) be a junior or senior HPERD major, c) have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and d) provide service to school or community for a minimum of 2 years during their undergraduate career. 

Published: Thursday, March 29, 2018

Last Updated: Thursday, March 29, 2018

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