Be the Change

James Robinson

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When James Robinson joined the JMU staff several years ago, he brought with him an unflagging focus on the positive. One of his first efforts was to make sure his office became known as a resource for the entire university, ensuring equal opportunity for all. His efforts include helping JMU's workforce meet the challenges of the future, finding qualified people in an increasingly competitive market while increasing campus diversity. Outside of the office, he's a devoted JMU sports fan. His diligence and enthusiasm reflect his esteem for the university: "JMU has blown away my expectations! I never knew how dynamic it was. During my relatively short time here, I've come to realize the number of lives JMU has affected — the positive influence many times goes unrecognized — and how much JMU gives back to the community." Eager to do his part in supporting the university's vision and mission, James says that giving back to JMU through payroll deduction is a "no-brainer."

"When I give, I help the university make positive changes. It's an investment in the future. I can't imagine not doing it!"

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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