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Lisanby Scholar Series: Peyton Kennedy

Peyton Kennedy

SUMMARY: Theatre major Peyton Kennedy is one of eight freshman arts students to have received a Lisanby Scholarship.

By Jen Kulju (M'04)

Peyton Kennedy from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, says that being offered a Lisanby Scholarship “tipped the scales” for her to come to JMU. “It also made me feel confident that I would be able to be part of a community where I could have a presence in the arts program.” Now a freshman theatre major, Kennedy is getting the opportunity to pursue a passion she has held since age six. “Theatre is what I knew I wanted to study in college and do for a profession, and that hasn’t wavered over the years.”

Kennedy lives in Wayland Hall amongst other students who share a passion for the arts, which she finds inspiring. “Everyone has a common interest and is striving for a career in the arts, so it pushes me to work harder … and allows for easy and enjoyable collaboration.” Kennedy says that having the chance to thank Mrs. [Gladys] Lisanby in person for her generosity was “just amazing.”

Published: Friday, February 10, 2017

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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