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B.F.A. Student Spotlight: Nat Duong


Artist Bio

Nat Duong is an artist from Forest, VA currently pursuing their Studio Art BFA with a Concentration in Fiber Arts & Weaving at JMU. Through the performative and repetitive nature of fibers, Nat explores themes of ritual and self-creation.

B.F.A. Exhibition: Removing the Self

Removing the self was a three part performance piece, exploring the ritualistic nature of applying and removing makeup.

On the first day of the performance, the artist, Nat, repeatedly applied and removed their makeup for eight consecutive hours. Each time they removed the makeup they would take the time to cut their wipes then weave the used makeup wipes.

Part two of the performance was an invitation for outsiders to take part of such an intimate ritual. During this day, the artist applied makeup to other people and removed that makeup with wipes. Those wipes were then woven into a second weaving.

The final performance was a larger separation of the artist from the work. On day three, the artist simply wove with makeup wipes that Nat had collected for over a six month period.

Each day was an exploration of what becomes of a person when they engage in beautification practice that covers, their self, their face? What happens when one person, Nat, created a new person nearly every half hour, for eight hours straight? What effect does an outer shell have on the inner self? Were these weavings a series of self portraits and portraits, or were they a series of lies?

Nat at the loom

Nat applying makeup on a woman

A piece of Nat's work

Published: Thursday, May 10, 2018

Last Updated: Thursday, May 10, 2018

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