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B.F.A. Student Spotlight: Riel Gustave



Riel Gustave

Artist Statement

Alternative universes, daydreaming, and  constant desire for more than what reality offers fuel my work. These desires as well as internal dialogues have amalgamated into characters of my own creation; characters of which have their own diverse personalities, goals, likes and dislikes. My work is a look into the vibrant universe driven by the personalities of these characters, as well as a peek into the mind of the one constantly stuck in it.

Gustave's exhibition space

Riel Gustave is a Studio Art BFA from Virginia Beach concentrating in painting and drawing, however; they primarily work with digital illustration, and incorporate that into printmaking. They pull inspiration from anime, but incorporate the events of their life, those around them, wants, dreams, desires, and a love for pop art into their work. Their work focuses on original characters they've created who all have their own distinct personalities and ongoing narratives. Riel's exhibition Daydream is an introduction to the world their characters live in, whether it is through the more narrative route, or that which is more poppy and illustrative. This exhibition was meant to give viewers a different perspective and a glimpse of the possibility of alternative universes existing within the mind, as well as a space to just soak up some colors and take a breather. 

Gustave's exhibition space back wall

Published: Thursday, May 3, 2018

Last Updated: Thursday, May 3, 2018

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