Art Education faculty member has book chapter published


Dr. Karin Tollefson-Hall, Assistant Professor of Art Education at James Madison University, was recently published in a National Art Education Association book titled, Practice Theory: Seeing the power of art teacher researchers, Published by NAEA Editors, Melanie Buffington and Sara Wilson McKay.

Book Abstract: Teachers are powerful individuals who have the ability to effect change and meaningful educational reform. Seeing research at the heart of teaching can grow engaged educational practice and aid teachers in realizing their power. Chapters on methodologies, as well as example studies in diverse art education settings, work to bridge the perceived divide between theory and practice. Examples beyond public school classrooms include senior citizen centers, preschools, museums, and international sites. 

Karin's chapter title "Conducting Case Study Research"
Chapter abstract:

This chapter is a description of case study methodology. Case study methodology is used when a researcher is interested in studying a particular case or phenomenon in depth. The topics presented in this chapter include types of case studies, developing research questions for case studies, collecting and analyzing the data, criticisms of case study methodology, and writing up the final report. To illustrate the explanation of case study methodology, examples from case studies conducted in art classes at various school settings are presented.

Congratulations to Karin! This text represents a significant contribution to the field of art education.

Published: Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last Updated: Thursday, January 4, 2018

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